Anusha's Family Affair: Crafting Wedding Outfits

Anusha's Family Affair: Crafting Wedding Outfits

We had the pleasure of working with a wonderful bride, Anusha, who came to us all the way from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh (approx. 500 odd kilometers). She was referred to us by a friend and was looking for the perfect reception lehenga for her special day. Anusha had a reference picture of the lehenga that she wanted and was very clear in her vision. This saved us time in thinking and processing what she might like as she had already done her research and knew exactly what she wanted.

But there was one particular design element that Anusha requested that proved to be a real challenge. She wanted a small message window in every panel of the lehenga so that her friends could write personalized messages on her lehenga without affecting its beauty. This was a creative idea that we had never seen before, and we were determined to make it happen. We worked tirelessly to create a design that was both attractive and personalized to Anusha's wishes.

After we executed a sample kali of the lehenga, we showed it to her through a video call, as Anusha was from another state and could not travel to see the lehenga in person. We thought of sending her the sample and waiting for confirmation, but to our delight, she was happy with the sample in the video call itself. Her immense trust in us made us work even harder to deliver the best outcome possible.

We were delighted when Anusha was satisfied with the final outcome, and it was heartwarming to know that her friends and family had personalized messages on her lehenga. This design element made her lehenga unique and special, and it was a pleasure to work on such a creative project.


As the project progressed, we ended up designing outfits for Anusha's entire family, and all orders were completely online. We made sure to communicate every step of the process and deliver the best outcome possible. Anusha's trust in us made us work harder and inspired us to deliver nothing less than our very best.

We are thrilled to have created a family bond with such a lovely family, and Anusha's friendly and clear communication made working with her an absolute pleasure. She is the first bride that we have seen who is so clear about what she wants, and it made our job easier. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Anusha and her family and maintain our relationship forever.
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